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ELVTD Play is a sports & entertainment organization built to change the game. We provide opportunity for adults to express themselves through the power of sport, while giving back to the youth of our community through direct monetary contributions to charities, equipment donations, and scholarship funds.

Play Confidently

Our adult sports leagues and tournaments are built different. We strive to elevate your game so you can play confidently in a fun, competitive, safe atmosphere.

Play Beyond

We ensure our games are worth your investment by establishing longer playing times, recognizing player performances, and providing various in-game photos to participants.

Play Together

We are devoted to our community of athletes by providing an enjoyable playing experience for both individual players and groups of friends – to play and participate together.

Play for a Purpose

Playing sports in a healthy, organized environment is a luxury that not everyone has access to; therefore, we’re committed to giving that opportunity to as many young athletes as possible through a multi-faceted charitable youth program we like to call, ‘Play for a Purpose’.

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The ELVTD Play leadership team is comprised of our founders, who are all former collegiate athletes dedicated to continuing their passion for the game by making a real difference for not only our community but also for the amateur athletes we strive to represent – all through the power of sport.

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